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what we do

Professional, discrete, and affordable training and consultation for all your security and preparedness needs.

wilderness survival & outdoor living skills

Learn what it takes to survive in the wilderness with minimum gear.

tactical & firearms training

Become proficient with your firearms. Learn tactics utilized by special forces.

individual & family preparedness

Protect yourself and your family by preparing for the unknown.

Home, business, organization security

Protect your home, business or organization.

First Aid

Bad things happen. When they do, will you be able to keep your loved ones alive?

children’s programs

Keep your children safe. Learn how to prevent them from getting lost or taken.

Self Defense

Learn how to protect yourself in an armed or unarmed scenario.

Self Sufficiency

Become self sufficient by living a homesteading lifestyle.

FREE EBOOK: 11 Things You Need (NOW) to Make it Through SHTF

About Pastor Joe Fox

Green Beret, Author, Survivalist, Mentor, Pastor
pastor joe fox

Pastor Joe Fox is a retired US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) and National Intelligence officer. He's a SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) instructor, Armed/Unarmed Combat instructor, former Firefighter and Boy Scouts Scoutmaster. PJF has been living the preparedness lifestyle since he was a child, and now teaches men, women and children all over the country to prepare and survive. PJF will impart knowledge you just cannot get anywhere else.

  • Protecting your family from the unknown is one of the most important things you can do.

  • Protect yourself, home, business or organization from anyone wanting to do harm.

  • It's not enough to have guns and ammo. You must know how to use them effectively.

  • Build your life, build your team.


Just what IS a “survivalist family”? For our purposes, the Survivalist Family is defined as, “A multi-generational group of people living in one house who take positive steps as a cohesive group to prepare for possible future negative situations and circumstances beyond their control.” This book will guide you through all that is necessary to be prepared for future uncertainty.


FREE EBOOK: 11 Things You Need (NOW) to Make it Through SHTF