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Offering professional, discrete, and affordable training, consultation, and service for all your security and preparedness needs.


  • Wilderness Survival
  • Outdoor living skills
  • Children's programs
  • Family preparedness
  • Firearms instruction
  • Self defense
  • First aid
  • Tactical operations


  • Personal and residential security
  • Individual and family preparedness
  • Team building
  • Firearms purchases


  • Personal protection
  • Guided adventure training
  • Wilderness companion(s)
  • Preparedness supplies procurement


Vikingfest 2009, Day 2Vikingfest 2009, Day 2

Are you and your loved ones prepared for any contingencies that could occur due to the increased security threat environment in which we live?

Are you comfortable enjoying the great outdoors?

Would you like to learn the skills of a "simpler time"?

Let Viking Services L.L.C. help you obtain peace of mind?

Arm yourself with information and skills to face the future knowing you and your loved ones are prepared.