Survivalist Family

  • Are you and yours prepared for what is coming down the pike?
  • How well would you do as a family if there was an electro-magnectic pulse that knocked out power over the entire country?
  • Would you be able to provide for your family in times of chaos caused by war, nature, or economic turmoil?
  • Are you prepared for a future pandemic?

Survivalist Family will show you how to ensure you and your loved ones come through to the other side of what waits.

You simply must have this book.

Written by Joe Fox of Viking Services LLC and Joe has been living the preparedness lifestyle since he was a child, and now teaches men, women and children all over the country to prepare and survive. A former Special Forces officer and SERE instructor, Joe will impart knowledge you just cannot get anywhere else.

Buy this book and Survive!

ISBN: 978-1-935018-25-4

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