House Design Parameters = The Perfect House

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House Design Parameters = The Perfect House

Postby Ekiwinox » 25 Oct 2017 17:28

House Design Parameters = The Perfect House

Especially but not limited to

Kitchen stoves should be vented out of a large hood through the wall of the house directly or with as little ducting as possible and zero angles. We do not need grease build up in arcane duct work maze. Comments? Today many house fans vent right back into the kitchen. Alternatively the greasy air takes many convoluted twists and turns before exiting the kitchen leaving a dangerous grease build up. This is similar to the lint filled dryer vent tubes try to work. Just say NO to any twists or turns in out vents. Or Bad things happen due to design error.

With prevailing Westerlies winds or is that North Westerlies winds in the North East which side of the house should stove, bathroom, furnace, water heater, vacuum cleaner and workshop vents be located? Leeward or protected East or South East so the fan will not be fighting the wind? Fans on the west side of a house are no doubt strong enough to still vent. Correspondingly air entering the house should be from the wayward sides of the house. This configuration prevents the situation of a house fresh air intake being located right next to a house air outtake confined under a porch.

For a passive solar house the longer sides of the house should be facing North and South if the land and ascetic considerations allow. Up to 15 degrees off of solar south is permissible I was taught years ago and many people felt tilting to the east a bit was a good thing to heat up the house in the morning. I think they are crazy. This would leave the East or the West side of the house for an attached garage, porch, or mystery item which would be a stop gap from the July sun from driving away at your house for hours. In July the sun seems in the early morning to actually rise in the East Northeast and put sun on the North side of the house! That nasty July early morning sun sneaking it's rays into places I want to keep cool. Or is the North side of a house where one wants to place the garage. I was taught that if one had a choice a window on the North side of the house would be preferable for a total energy viewpoint as the energy loss of a North window would not be as great as the energy needed to cool a house with an East or West window in the summer. Which way should garage doors be? Having leaves constantly blow into the garage is not good. Can damp wet air from bathrooms and slightly dusty vacuum cleaner air from the house be fanned into the garage and then from the garage be fanned to outdoors? Maybe NO, NEVER. Sounds good but in practice just say no. This keeps the garage a tiny bit warmer in the winter and a tiny bit cooler in the summer. Is having a vacuum system discharge into the cellar really bad, super bad or horribly bad? What are people thinking. This whole air management system for house has not been thought out at all.

Energy Efficient House Builders Association Conference in North Carolina in maybe 1992 that I paid to attend. Note I am not a builder and I never lived in North Carolina. I just loved the topic of proper house design. I learned in Alaska it is normal to keep a pot of water on the stove boiling all of the time. Moisture issues. They were hot on the idea of expensive air exchange systems that worked like a Ferris wheel to retain the heat. I thought it was a totally stupid idea. I still do. Retaining heat yes. Does the Ferris wheel exchange stale air for fresh air and retain a percentage of the heat? Just say no. It was fun because in one overly full lecture room at a hotel there were carbon dioxide monitor on the wall. All of us people made the level not good. It is not lack of oxygen but too much carbon dioxide that gets ya first. North Carolina people were very hospitable. They had a whole huge, huge, huge pig roasted on a huge table to pick some meat off of. Never saw that before. I learned that room service although massively expensive is maybe a good thing if you have a child who is 18 months old. The alternative we also did is one sit in the restaurant and eat and the other walk with the child outside of the restaurant and switch. :-) Reminds me. This is what my 75 plus year old mother would do. At a restaurant remove the top bit of paper from the straw for the water. Then shoot the rest of the straw paper at you across the table via blow gun technique. :-) Believe it or not that was not against the law. The Grand kids learned something ethereal. That must be where I get it from. We also believe that little kids were put on the earth to be bothered a little. This is maybe in the German or Eastern European Tradition. Santa Clause tossed walnuts across the room. When the youth went to grab them Santa hit them with a stick. Lightly and mostly missing a lot with massive dramatic theatrics I imagine. It teaches youth to evaluate things for themselves with a bit of humor. Things like working tobacco and sending the new kid to get a lather stretcher. My child picked up on this well when they diagnosed a vehicle issue and determined what was needed was to get blinker fluid. You know that fluid that your turn signals need to operate correctly.

Energy Efficient Building Techniques need to be taught in second grade as part of science and thermal energy transfer. How a Thermos works. When take out places put the needs to be hot food in the bag right next to the needs to be cold food something is wrong.

Which side of the house should the kitchen, living room, etc. be on? Facing the street or facing the back yard? Ladies seem to like the kitchen sink to overlook the back yard with a 100% of the time a huge window. Which way is best in a system down situation? Should the front of the house be able to look dark despite activities happening in the rest of the house?

I envision a house where the plumbing, etc. are in a part of the house even upstairs are where no workman ever has to walk past areas of the house that are private. Plumbing system placement requirements would be similar to air system requirements. So many houses have workmen walking past the lady of the house's bra drawer. The house should be like an onion with zero need for work men or city personnel to ever be anywhere near private areas of the house.

While I am at it second floor over looking first floor railings should be a bit higher than is presently used. It should be above waist height for adults. The same with the bottom of windows especially on second floors. IMNHO. Windows on the South side should reach right to the ceiling. Electrical plug outlets should be higher up by a couple of feet and never right below windows. Light switches on the wall when entering the room should be at least two. One for the ceiling light and one for a lamp. Possibly each room should have a fan near the ceiling, not necessarily a ceiling fan to quietly move the air around the room.

Any thoughts on normal every day air filtration for forced air heating systems? For the system to pump air a .29 cent air filter is needed. Lots of holes not lots of filtration. For air filtration a $$$ air filter is substituted in the air filter location. Then air does not flow well. It is well filtered but not well distributed. What's a person wanting well filtered fast moving air to do?

Air conditioners, fans, exhaust fans, etc. should all have decibels as part of their purchase decision. This topic is way more important than anybody ever talks about. There should be a way for filtered air to circulate nicely in a house with nearly zero noise.

Window air conditioners. We are getting away from them because they can usually be easily pushed in and the house broken into. There are through the wall air conditioners that are wide and thin and usually place a bit above head level in an outside wall. Several cooling methods are good to have.

City water should enter the house right were the water heater is. All sinks should be right above where the water heater is. Water should not be plumbed 40 feet through the house. All toilets should be the last items in the drainage system. All sinks and washing machines should be up steam of toilets so their water discharge can help the flow.

Somehow I have a house where a window could be on the South side but that is right where the electrical box is thus no window allowed. ?!?! How do these things happen? Why does every house with a super fantastic southern heat energy gathering windows have a porch on the South side that shields the lower floor windows and covers the upper floor windows with roof? Why are there houses with roofs facing North with solar panels?

I'm not building a house. I just like thinking about these types of topics of system flowing energy.

Why on Youtubes are people chopping vegetables on teeny tiny chopping bits that are sliding around on the counter? Why are so many people chopping right on their $$$$ kitchen counters? They need a huge, Huge, HUGE wood chopping block. People on Youtube tons crazy on cutting techniques. The cut vegetables need to slide right off of the cutting board into the pan or into a bowl. The other direction the cuttings need to slide right into the compost pit. There should never be a lifting of the vegetables. All vegetables should easily slide to their best use.

Any comments on housing techniques to make life easier today, tomorrow and forever?
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Re: House Design Parameters = The Perfect House

Postby Kolt » 26 Oct 2017 17:49

Look at Joel Skousen's book entitled 'The Secure Home'. ... ecure+home

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