Get used to checking your six

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Get used to checking your six

Postby Joe » 30 Jul 2014 11:25

Is anyone watching you?
Following you?
Are you SURE?
How do you know?

"Pre-operational surveillance" is something bad guys of all stripes typically do before hitting a target.

Pay attention to your surroundings.
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Re: Get used to checking your six

Postby Kolt » 31 Jul 2014 02:02

I'm not sure where this post is intended to go.

I'm thinking one thing, but that is only because of where I'm physically located right now in the world. Which is in the ME literally right in the middle of every ME story you see on the news.

So, I'm thinking the answers to the questions Joe asked is SDRs.

Joe, if this isn't where this post is meant to go, please let me know and I'll edit or you can delete it.

Take care,
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Re: Get used to checking your six

Postby sapper21b10 » 31 Jul 2014 05:41

everyone is responsible for securing their own battle space. even here in the states if you think that there arent people out to get you or try to hurt you then you need to pack it up now. just watching the nightly news however its slewed shows that
people get beat raped killed or other every day all day somewhere in the us. it can come out of anywhere at anytime. there are ways to mitigate the risk though. situational awareness is and always should be your first priority. keeping your head on a swivel and your mind in the game will allow you to avoid most threats and give you advanced warning to the ones that you cant. better to avoid trouble than deal with it when it finds you. if you cant avoid trouble having the right gear will make the difference. so long as local and federal laws allow it everyone needs to carry CONCEALED. i say this deliberately. Even as much as i myself support open carry it makes you a target. be it from no goodnicks or local law enforcment that are either ignorant or irreverent to the laws in place for it. If you are in an area where it is a felony to carry a firearm then have a plan to unass the AO in a hurry WHEN trouble starts. then when all else fails and trouble finds you have a plan in place. be able to react to the threat in a swift and assertive manner that a reasonable and prudent person would deem necessary in a rapid and violent manner. then have a plan to deal with the aftermath. lastly use your head and dont let your emotions take the wheel in a bad situation. a thinking person is a person who will win.
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Re: Get used to checking your six

Postby Ekiwinox » 22 Nov 2014 14:17

I called somebody I know real good. A large, 60 year old male. As they were answering their cell phone in Barnes and Noble an older, Italian looking, short, fat guy walks up to the person I called and gave them a big arms open welcoming, friendly, how are ya hug. It would not be unusual in this store to bump into someone we worked with 20 years ago as it happens all the time. As the huggie was trying to place in their mind where they knew the huger from but could find no answer, they repeated the process still with no answer, no words were exchanged, the mystery huger walked away. No wallets were taken. From the phone I could not even discern it was happening. Perhaps he looked like he needed a hug? Perhaps it was a game show and the person got points for the more people he hugged? Perhaps the person realized after the hug that these were not the droids he thought they were? Now on the other hand had the huger even looked sideways at a certain young lady I know she would have SWAT with a dog at his neck drawing blood for even thinking of glancing at her in passing. We are not big huggers here. So what do you all think it was? Holiday cheer? Cosmic convergence? New Age Yoga Vegan Lacto-Fermented, Snake Charming Voo-Doo?
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Re: Get used to checking your six

Postby Larry G » 08 Aug 2016 10:13

Joe wrote:Is anyone watching you?
Following you?
Are you SURE?
How do you know?

"Pre-operational surveillance" is something bad guys of all stripes typically do before hitting a target.

Pay attention to your surroundings.

From an old friend.

One day I took to bended knee and asked, “God, why did you make me so paranoid?” The clouds darkened, lightning flashed, and a voice from the heavens seemed to shake the ground as it thundered, “To keep you alive, stupid.”

The thought has stuck with me since.
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Re: Get used to checking your six

Postby kmussack » 08 Aug 2016 12:24

I am not Jason Bourne.

I have had no formal training in counter surveillance techniques or other field craft I am not and have never been a “secret squirrel” nor have I ever been “sheep dipped”.(That should satisfy the requirements of my SF312.)

I’m just a regular tax payer with a high-speed internet connection.

I am aware of an acronym; TEDD which is used to help one identify surveillance. So if I see someone repeatedly over TIME, in different ENVIRONMENTS and over DISTANCE, or one who displays poor DEMEANOR then I assume I’m under surveillance.

Tactics, techniques and procedures I might use to detect and then counter surveillance are not something I choose to discuss on an open forum.

You don’t need to be a graduate of Camp Peary to learn this stuff use your “Google-Fu” grasshopper.
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