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Postby Theo » 30 Aug 2016 12:01

I have lived in my current neighborhood about 25 years. The first week we were in our new house, I made a few changes. The doors were all steel doors in wood frames. I changed them all to to steel doors in steel frames with deadbolt locks. My new neighbor came over to meet me. He said, "what are you doing all this security stuff for?" I said, "well, I am from Cleveland." He told me I was nuts and walked off. About six months later, I heard all this commotion about six in the am on a Saturday. There were four or five police cars in front of the gentleman's house who was laughing at me before. Oddly, there was a TV set sitting in the bushes in his front yard. He never locked his doors. Some thief came in, took his watch and wallet off his bed stand and the TV was out of his six year old daughter's room where she had been sleeping. A regular police patrol came by and saw this TV sitting in his front yard. The thief had evidently seen the police car coming down the street and he just took off.

Creepy story but true. The neighbor did start locking his door after that. I am not an expert on security but Thieves look for the quickest opportunity to rip you off. I did not give them one. My neighbor did.
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