Your Bolt-hole?

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Your Bolt-hole?

Postby kmussack » 29 Mar 2017 12:55

Bolt, verb
1. To move suddenly or nervously.
2. To move or proceed rapidly.
3. To dart off or away.

Hole, noun
1. A hollowed-out place.
2. A cave, pit or burrow in the ground.
3. A gap.

Bolt-hole, noun
1. A hole in the ground, protected opening in bushes, etc., into which an
Animal can flee when pursued or frightened.
2. A place or avenue of escape or refuge;
The remote mountain village was a safe bolt-hole for refugees during the war.
3. A place where a person can escape and hide.

Generally a bolt-hole is considered a place of hiding or avenue to that place of hiding. However a bolt-hole can also mean an avenue of escape from your regular dwelling place or work place in the event you need to flee generally with short notice and under duress.

Bolting differs from Bugging Out and a Bolt-hole differs from a bug-out location or retreat in two very important ways;

1. Where there may be days or hours notice before you execute your bug-out plan bolting may come after less than a minute’s notice.
2. Where one might occupy a retreat for weeks or months a bolt-hole is occupied only long enough to evade the immediate threat, a few hours to a couple of days.

Have you given any thought to your Bolt-hole?
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Re: Your Bolt-hole?

Postby Joe » 12 Apr 2017 02:30

When it's time to MOVE...
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