Cheap longterm supplies (filters and oil, etc)

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Cheap longterm supplies (filters and oil, etc)

Postby Rich » 09 Oct 2017 05:43

I have found that I can save money on longterm supplies for my vehicles:
Rockauto when I see a filter number out-of-production. Bought 20 filters which is probably a lifetime supply for a fraction of local parts store price.
Amazon subscribe-and-save to set up a 6month interval of filters. With the discount it ends up cheaper than any other source I can find. With the periodic shipments I can get ahead of the demand signal, which means I am stocking up on tractor and truck filters.
Wal-mart is the cheapest oil as I use their generic synthetic brand. When I see it cheap, I buy several gallons at a time.

My goal is to have a year or two on the shelf. It is so nice to change the oil when the mileage hits the due interval without scrambling for materials. For the tractor I am striving to build an even deeper shelf.

For the diesel tractor it will also run off of used oil. Not recommended longterm due to risk of damage to injectors but if my life depended on it I would utilize.
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Re: Cheap longterm supplies (filters and oil, etc)

Postby whls4legs » 09 Oct 2017 08:39

We generate a lot of used oil. (3000 mi on road stuff, 30-40 hrs on anything with a Hobbs.) It's getting difficult to shed.

For use as a diesel adjunct, don't overuse in original motor, (cleaner change), dilute with as much diesel as available, (augment fuel with used oil). Keep additive type injector cleaner on hand, and over use it. And I use PRI-D, (-G for gas), for storage. Pretty dependable stuff.

None of this is a necessarily great idea, reserved for an emergent situation.

And only of use if your tractors are HEMP hardened. Maybe we could address that. Has anyone worked on this?
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