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'Toy Guns'

Postby Hawk45 » 03 Dec 2017 13:40

Friday night the wife and I were at my deceased friends ex-wife's house taking my God Daughter the last of the money I gave her for the guns she wanted me to sell off from her father's estate. When I was about to leave she said wait a minute as she had found some stuff she wanted me to have. Most of it was the little green army men you cannot find any more. Unfortunately the heat of the attic had destroyed about half of them. They got way too brittle. She also gave me one of MY toys I had forgotten I had left with Anthony when I had to leave to live in England for three years. It was my perfect 3/4 scale M-14. It's barrel was broken off just in front of the gas cylinder, but it was still with it. I am in the process of totally restoring it to give to my Grandson. May not be done by Christmas, but I am going to try. I also got a toy 155mm howitzer that is two feet high and about three feet long. Going to send it with the son when he goes back from Christmas leave to Fort Sill. I bet they do not have one of them in their museum. LOL

Needless to say the items brought back a BUNCH of good memories. I got three of the army men that were my favorite ones my desk right now. Two with BAR's in different poses and a kneeling shooter with a M-2 carbine. Got two water cooled 30 cal MG's with them also. LOL The army men are some of the rare Marx ones that go so high on ebay right now, but are poses the repos have NOT brought out.

So many toys, so little time. LOL
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