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Prepping your FEET

Postby NorthernExplorer » 02 Apr 2017 12:37

Lots of people have been in boots all winter. During our winters in Canada, I dont leave the house without my Sorels on my feet. Spring is a good time to stretch out the feet and prepare them for long hikes. These are your tires and if neglected, you will run into problems.

Good way to stretch it out, throw some thick branches on the grass or maybe even some larger rocks. Allow your bare feet to stretch over the terrain. This typically takes a few weeks of doing this everyday for 5 minutes to really get everything stretched out. This is a good method to use if you suffer from foot cramps.

Most people have a lot of difficulty with this because your feet are trained to be on shoes. Properly looked after feet will allow you to travel much farther under much less energy.

I hope someone gets some use out of this as it has served me very well.
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