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Postby kmussack » 15 Oct 2017 08:02

The History Channel produces a reality show called; ALONE. It's your basic outdoor survival Gut-Check kind of scenario. A common thread on this show is proximity to water with abundant fish. The contestants spend most of their day tending a single hand line and rejoice upon catching a single fish to eat that day. (Participation is an effective weight loss regimen.)

While watching the first episode I wondered; why just one hand-line? Why not put as many hooks in the water as you practically can? Wouldn't this prove more productive?

These questions prompted me to examine my gear and review the fishing kit in my INCH kit. It contained the usual stuff but was uninspired and pretty conventional. So I decided to take some action to improve my capabilities to catch fish under austere conditions.

Starting with an automatic fishing reel I began to assemble fishing kits.
This reel comes filled with 60-pound test nylon line with a snap swivel attached.

Using Berkley Trilene 12-pound test mono-filament line I tied 2-foot long leaders to accommodate a hook and a sinker.

The hooks are Eagle Claw #6 plain shank snells.

The sinkers are Eagle Claw 1/4-ounce brass casting sinkers.

I rigged each reel with the tackle and placed each reel into a small zip-lock bag. All fitted out each kit weighs a mere 64-grams (That's 2.25-ounces here in 'merica.)


Keeping in mind the many hooks approach to "survival" fishing I assembled 12-kits.

If two is one then I'm all set here. At a weight of 1.7 pounds these kits will allow me to put twelve hooks in the water at various locations, a veritable fish trap line. (Not to mention the manic level of redundancy.)
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Postby Joe » 20 Oct 2017 16:15

You can also hang lines from branches, trot lines, gill nets ...

Why do I continue to procrastinate on this (assembling, distributing fishing kits)?
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