Protect Your Orifices

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Protect Your Orifices

Postby Ekiwinox » 07 May 2017 21:22

Best title eva.

The procedure for airplane sanitizing most reminds me of the PJF post about the PJF Standard Operating Procedure for checking into a hotel. Spray or wipe down every surface with disinfectant. Find a spot on the sheets and watch the sheets be changed. I'm not quite there. I hope I have not slept on spots on sheets.

If I may share what a smart Ginseng108 replied to "The Germaphobe’s Guide to Airplane Travel". :

As a frequent business flyer, both domestic and international, protection boils down to these two principles:

1. Protect your orifices - Eyes, nose, have a high degree of control in protecting these points of entry of microbes. The key here is to touch nothing to these points that isn’t clean or yours. For example, if your eye itches or you feel like rubbing it, use a kleenex you brought and not your filthy, filthy digits. This brings me to the second...

2. Your hands are the gateway to your orifices - Wiping down a tray table with a non-chlorine sanitizing wipe certainly makes you feel like you’re doing the right thing, but do read the instructions. Most differentiate between disinfection and sanitizing and this relates to the time you leave the surface undisturbed after rendering it “visibly wet.” Using dried out wipes and grabbing on the surface right away may significantly reduce product effectiveness. So, clean (or covered) hands are less likely to bring germs to your access points: alcohol sanitizer 62% or better and awareness of where your hands are.
When you keep these things in mind, you could be sitting neck deep in the filthiest cabin imaginable but still emerge from your flight unmolested (microbially...I can’t vouch for handsy seatmates).

And as for pillows and blankets, I don’t use them unless they come sealed in their plastic bags. Even then, I don’t take them out of the bags (because I bring my own neck pillow and I use the blankets only for elevating the legs or as a lumbar bolster). ... 1794879906
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Re: Protect Your Orifices

Postby Joe » 05 Jul 2017 17:13

Best title eva

I don't worry too much about germs
I do like my hot showers though
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