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Postby kmussack » 20 Nov 2017 15:46

I haven't kept any potable water in storage until recently. We have triple redundancy for potable water so I didn't think it was necessary.

However I was thinking it might be good to have a few gallons stashed in our shelter space just in case we found ourselves unable to go out to fetch water for a while.

So I bought a ten pack of WaterBricks. These water containers are designed to allow stacking to minimize the storage space required. These containers store water at a cost of $5.14 per gallon. I liked the concept so I went the extra bucks.

Immediately I ran into troubles with these containers. Four of the ten cubes had caps that wouldn't seal.

The company sent me four new cap gaskets and I was able to reduce the leakers to just one cube. Finally I ended up carefully sanding the sealing surface until I could get the last cube to seal.

I discovered that my local Tractor Supply sold military style 5-gallon potable water cans that brought my water storage cost to $3.60 per gallon (a substantial savings). Additionally these GI style cans don't leak.

I'll pick up a can every few weeks until I've amassed a comfortable quantity.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained I suppose but I still feel I exercised some poor judgement spending so much for a gimmick product.
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