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On so many occasions I have found some really great stuff to add to our preparedness stores while out picking metal scrap each week from the trash piles around here. Some have needed a little bit of TLC, and others needed nothing at all. Their owners simply threw them away for whatever reason. Doesn't matter. If I find them and they still have good use left in them I'll keep them.
Such is the case of the great find I discovered last week. While searching through a rather large pile of trash in an upscale neighborhood, I moved a box that had a little bit of weight to it. As I turned the box to open the folded end that fastened it shut, I noticed that the box was one that was for a Coleman propane stove. I was excited at the prospect of finding a good, working stove, but picking scrap metal has taught me that sometimes you find other things inside rather than what the box pictures.

However, this was not the case. It did contain a Coleman propane stove. And upon opening the stove to check it's condition, which is like new since the burners showed signs of use from where the metal changes color when heated, but showed no signs of repeated use, I discovered an added bonus. A camp toaster that allows you to make four slices of toast on your stove. :D
It will of course be put to good use, and is a welcome addition to our stored preparedness items
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